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Plant and herbal medicine is becoming more mainstream as up-to-date analysis and research shows its value in the treatment and prevention of different types of diseases.

DELASS Natural Products as a Jordanian pharmaceutical manufacturing company is realized and distinguished as the first company in the Middle East specialized in the development and production of plant and herbal medical products from standardized medicinal plant extracts, offering more than 50 natural and herbal innovative products with business operations in more than 20 countries worldwide.

DELASS Natural Products took the herbal medicine production to a professional pharmaceutical context by applying Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in its production process for almost all known pharmaceutical formulations.

DELASS Natural products was founded in Jordan in (1999) as a subsidiary company to the Jordanian pharmaceutical manufacturing company (JPM), which provides great technical and managerial support in all aspects inside and outside Jordan.


DELASS Natural Products strategy from the early beginnings of its foundation is to contribute to the human health involving the quality of life of all patient groups escpecially pediatric and geriatric patients all around the globe.

Research and Development

Delass is a research-oriented company that has a portfolio of more than 50 products. The company specializes in the production of plant derived medicines, functional products, herbal supplements, and recently herbal extracts.


Delass Natural Products follows a detailed product introduction process that insures products released reflect JPM’s drug specification standards and adhere to GMP regulations.


Each developed drugs has a comprehensive technical file and a detailed product registration process that contains the drug pharmacological & adverse effects and all product & plant registrations.


Delass has a strong market position. The company currently has product registration for 28 products and has 2 registered patents.


Delass invests considerable resources in scientific research for new applications of traditional botanical extracts and functional formulas in cooperation with universities.

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