Is a natural tonic drink that contains a mixture of natural ingredients which acts as energy and vigor provider.

Provides the body with mental and physical vitality.

Increasing sex drive, libido and fertility.


Is a natural electrolyte and nutrient supplement containing a mixture of natural ingredients control different types of diarrhea and compensate the lost nutrients during the diarrhea episode.

QUICKLY RESTORE ELECTROLYTES hydration is key to recovery and Dialac is a rapid and effective way to fight dehydration symptoms.


Is a mixture of natural ingredient rich in water soluble and water insoluble fiber regulating bowel function and movement

Contains probiotic which has benefit effects in diarrheas, irritable bowel syndrome and hepatic encephalopathy.

Helps in maintaining healthy digestive system


Is a mixture of natural ingredients to relieve flatulence, abdominal spasm and indigestion,

enhance gut motility and relieve irritable bowel syndrome symptoms