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Acti Flu


 Echinacea is an extract from a plant native to the prairies of North America which is taken as an herbal supplement to boost your immune system, protect your body from infection, and speed your recovery when you get sick. 

 Echinacea has been used in alternative medicine as a possibly effective aid in treating the common cold


Acti-Flu helps relieve the symptoms of:

  • Cold and flu.

  • Tonsillitis and sore throats

  • Inflammatory conditions associated with diseases or injury.

  • Common infectious diseases (bacterial/fungal/viral) e.g, upper respiratory tract and genitourinary tract infections.


 If you want a stronger immune system and greater protection against the common cold and other upper respiratory infections, echinacea might be the solution you’re looking for.


  •  For adult take one tablet 3 times daily before or after meals.

  •  For child above four years 5ml 3 times daily before or after meals.


  •  Each tablet containing 100mg echinacea purpurea.

  •  Each 5ml containing 50mg echinacea purpurea.

Additional Product Informations:

Dosage Form:




         Tablet: 30 Tablet.

         Syrup: 100ml.

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